Cyber war, this is how Ukraine defends itself against Russia

by Giuseppe Gagliano

All links between Ukraine and the US on the cyber war against Russia. The article by Giuseppe Gagliano

Who and how in Ukraine is acting on cyber warfare.

If from a strictly institutional point of view the offensive posture in the context of the Ukrainian cyber attacks is led by Mykhailo Fedorov, Deputy Prime Minister of Digital Transformation, from an operational point of view it is the NATO Cyber Defense Center of Excellence located in Estonia that plays the role determined in strategic coordination.

It goes without saying that an institution of excellence such as that of NATO was possible thanks to close collaboration with the United States and in particular with the NSA Cyber Command. This demonstrates the inextricable and very close ties that have always united Ukraine and the United States in the military sector.

Who are the two main protagonists of Ukraine's cyber war against Russia?

On the one hand, the Ukrainian company that deals with information security known as Cyber Unit Technologies based in Tallinn - also located in Estonia - directed by Yegor Aushev, whose task, on behalf of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, is to build adequate cyber defenses to overcome Russia's cyber defenses.

The second group specialized in cybersecurity is the Estonian company Hacken, headed by Dyma Budorin, whose main purpose is to discover the weaknesses in the Russian computer system in such a way as to allow Ukraine to combat false information and more generally psychological warfare operations carried out by Russia.


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