We are inundated with cryptocurrency spam

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The research conducted by LunarCrush highlights the phenomenon: +3894% in the volume of cryptocurrency-themed spam recorded in just two years

Since cryptocurrencies are no longer something mysterious or accessible exclusively by a small circle of investors, discussions and comparisons about these assets have also ignited on the bulletin boards of social networks, involving insiders and curious. And this is good, but where there is interest, as an unwritten law says, spam and bots soon appear.

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Cryptocurrency-themed spam: +3,894 in two years

To shed light on the phenomenon is the research conducted by LunarCrush. The first data that can be extrapolated is precisely that relating to the volume of spam: + 3,894% in two years. A huge amount of messages published with the most disparate purposes, sometimes to push the public towards a certain platform, on other occasions to influence fluctuations in the value of an asset. However, these are not always bots. According to the report, an important slice of the accounts are managed by people in the flesh.

A question recently highlighted by Elon Musk, who with the desire to understand how much is the incidence of these profiles on the overall calculation of those active on Twitter has put the acquisition of the social network on standby.

It is in the folds of this trend that the world of cryptocurrencies ends up being targeted by malicious campaigns. Insiders in the cybersecurity territory have long reported the increase in reports of scams and scams related to this area. A phenomenon evolved to the point of turning  in on  itself. What does it mean? We invite you to read the article "Crypto scam, last frontier: stealing from thieves" published last week to learn more.

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