We can compare the tumultuous growth of cryptocurrencies to off-piste skiing, where money was brought across borders and avalanches were often unleashed.

The phenomenon has become so great that everyone has to take it into account. At this point the central banks have set rules, poles that, as in the special slalom ski, force the crypto currency operators to follow certain rules:

The main stakes are two definitions, token-based coins, which behave like paper money,

and account-based coins, more suitable for issuing by a company.

The enormous energy consumption of crypto currency mining, especially bitcoin but also of alternative crypto currencies, leads to the introduction of a digital currency with zero energy costs.

Recall that for an alternative crypto currency called algorithand they declare to decrease only by about 38 percent, a good result but even here the mining process using the block-chain always has enormous energy costs.

So our proposal for a digital currency that does not use the block-chain respects both the limits set by the CDBC, that is, it can be a token-based currency if the customers are central banks or account-based if our customers are companies. An important detail of the algorithm allows the coexistence of hundreds of digital coins issued by us, customized for each customer.

Of course we don't want to throw the whole block-chain overboard, it's fine to validate airline tickets, we limit ourselves to the world of finance where our goal is important.

The encounter between a world in which the rules are put by men, and by women, and a world in which the rules are by the algorithm will have phases of confrontation and agreement, of course we have solved the problem of enormous energy consumption. of crypto currency mining.

Many times, when I talk about it, I seem to be the Thersite of the Iliad, with an unpleasant voice compared to the world of the KALOS KAI AGATHOS of large companies. But, as in cyber-security, we have the winning solutions that will triumph sooner or later.

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