Now, given the volatility of BITCOIN many companies that intend to use the opportunities of a cryptocurrency are based on STABLE COIN, that is, cryptocurrencies that follow the trend of the issuing company and are still convertible into dollars or other traditional currency.

In this sector we have an innovative currency, always based on cryptography but independent from the blockchain and that is only affected by the value imposed by the issuer.

All you need to do is to have multi-currency bank accounts and there can be euros, dollars and our currency in your account.

Our system is independent from public key systems and private key with THREE keys of 48 MEGABYTES, generatible with negligible energy consumption, we tested it on a PC of 800 euros with J5 processor and 16 gigs of RAM, has an innovative system to guarantee the authenticity of coins issued and allows various customers to generate their own currency without being able to generate false currency of other customers. The algorithm is customizable for each customer and proof of violations by malicious.

We are confident that such a system will be adopted, perhaps in competition with other solutions, because it solves all the major problems of cryptocurrencies, stability, energy consumption, the security of not losing the key and the possibility of entering into a legal circuit of currencies, allowing nations to carry out a traditional monetary policy.

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