In El Salvador, after 3 months from the official adoption of bitcoin, 89% returned to the traditional currency, precisely because of the high transaction costs of bitcoin. (see article )

So it’s showing that the marriage between crypto currencies and the banking system is difficult because of the very nature of the block-chain and the miners. Bitcoin has gone well for the receipt of illegal money and the hope of investors to earn it anyway, in addition to a pressing marketing action, also by alleged experts who believe they are earning.

If we also analyze the path of Meta (Facebook) after Libra conceived Diem in the hope of creating a currency compatible with the banking system, Evidently the project did not go through so they joined the fantasy-economy of metaverse where a virtual world parallel to the real world is created.

Of course they can impose in this separate world the currency they want, but evidently it is a detachment from the world of central banks and the CBDC project. We believe that our Real Digital Currency meets all expectations with its very low energy costs, both as the official currency of a State issued by Central Banks and as a currency issued by companies, perhaps also included in the metaverse.

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