The growth of cryptocurrencies has brought about two main phenomena, the blockchain and the consequent creation of cryptocurrencies based on blockchain technology.

The blockchain technology is described on our website real digital currency reporting the enthusiastic terms of investopedia. Extracts from blockgeeks are also reported on the same site.

Where we see that a medium-capacity computer programmer can create a new blockchain in the programming languages of the IV and V generation already chewed up with library functions such as the hash function that generates encrypted code.

We have pruned many propaganda words from these two sites and we believe that our site can be useful to understand the phenomenon.

Since blockchain technology allows so-called miners to pay for something by generating virtual currency, and this generation extends the chain by a further block, this has led to very high energy consumption for the most popular crypto coins.

Faced with this phenomenon there is no defined war front, the Central Bank system has found itself displaced and is studying the possibility of creating its own money, on the other hand the fact that private individuals can create money has now been recognized as valid, some private individuals with the economic stature of some sovereign states and therefore also important companies or credit card companies are interested in creating their own crypto currency.

The only rumor I have heard of reserving the creation of crypto currency for central banks is that of prof. Savona president of Consob, the company that manages the control of the Italian Stock Exchange.

The first attitude of the States was to subject crypto coins to taxation, considering them as a means of pure investment, such as gold or diamonds. The fact that crypto coins are currently untaxed and their holders are almost anonymous has led to great success in the field of underworld and tax evasion.

The outflow of huge amounts of money from the banking system has also led to the weakening of the welfare policies of the sovereign states themselves, as some observers have pointed out, and we have reported on our website the most interesting articles about it.

Being more crypto coins released from real values, it led them to great volatility, trusting to attract subscribers who hoped for easy profits, while a tweet from someone important was enough to generate an escape with sales at all costs, as sometimes happens also. in the equity world, but in general the shares are based on the hard core of the company that issues them, so the volatility is lower.

Central Banks' hesitation is to accept a currency that, based on blockchain technology, does not have a real master who puts his face on it, it is rather an anarchist network whose first declared goal was to wage war on Central Banks.

A meeting point is being sought between the two systems, Bitcoin has been admitted to Wall Street and Stable Coins have been created, where the value of the coin is almost guaranteed by an equivalent dollar deposit made by the same company that issues them. This resembles the gold convertibility guarantee of the dollar and western coins abolished by US President Nixon in 1974, however the system is based on trust, it is obvious that if everyone shows up to withdraw their savings together, the banks fail and it happens as in 1929..

Many times, those who decide whether or not to accept cryptocurrencies do not fully know the mechanism.

Or his technicians still believe that the HASH function is a good way to encrypt and that the public key and private key system is the ultimate in encryption.

We have been working on encryption for 12 years and have the patented CRIPTEOS 3001 system which allows us to encrypt and decrypt huge masses of data at high speed.

It is based on two keys of 128 KILOBYTES whose attack with the brute force system (try all the keys until you find the right one) needs 256 raised to 131,000 attempts, a number that common calculators cannot even imagine .

From the rib of CRIPTEOS 3001 our secret laboratories have created Real Digital Currency, an encryption system with THREE keys of 40 Megabytes each.

To attack it with brute force systems it takes 256 to 42 million attempts, there are no quantum computers that will be able to do it.

This system allows you to generate an inviolable coin without needing the blockchain, therefore to spend very little on energy to generate it, moreover a decryption system allows you to verify any fakes, a system that the company or bank buys together with the coin cell generation system. .

The algorithm is customized for each customer, and with the third key a part of the algorithm is encrypted, so if they buy it, for example, Bank of England and Bank of Japan neither of them can create false money from the other.

The system therefore achieves the best synthesis between the system of metal and paper coins and the system of crypto currencies.

The client company or bank of our system issues crypto coins in the quantity it wishes and at the price it wishes, thus subjecting them to market management.

To manage our crypto coins you don't need special portals, just a normal multi-currency bank account, which for example holds dollars, euros and our crypto currency.

We actually sell the coin printing machine and therefore do not hold any copies of the keys. We believe this is the solution that many are hoping for.

Obviously the price of this solution is for each customer subject to private negotiation, bearing in mind that in addition to the advantages compared to current crypto currencies it also brings advantages compared to traditional coins and banknotes, since it is not necessary to replace worn banknotes, therefore with a further cost reduction for our customers.

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