We have realized a Currency following standards of CBDC.


1) NO BLOCKCHAIN, the value is fixed for Bank or Company and permits monetary economy. This is a true currency as Dollars: It is not a real estate investment but a true currency

2) The Security is guaranteed from three keys of 48 MEGABYTES

3) Attempts to force keys with brute force attacks is 256 raised to 50 millions, it is impossible

4) Each BANK or Company has a PRIVATE ALGORITHM with an encrypted parameter different from other customers and without this parameter the algorithm is unusable (the third key)

5) There is an ALGORITHM TO DECRYPT and customers create an Organization to make the control of false currency

6) Currency may be created with VERY LITTLE ENERGY COST, it needs a normal PC

7) Each customer like Central Bank or other Company is sure that the other Companies or Bank cannot create false currency to inflate the currency


9) Software was developed in a secret factory and cannot be attacked by hackers

10) Customers Bank or Company actually buy a digital coin printing works as if it were a paper coin printing works

11) The only digital “Fort Knox” to defend is the printing press of coins

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