Cryptocurrency payments could land in Washington

According to the publicly available text of the resolution proposed by US Senator Ted Cruz - which would not have the force of law - the latter would require a group of officials focused on managing the seat of Congress to take the necessary steps to make crypto payments available.

In fact, as the text of the resolution states: "The Architect of the Capitol, the Secretary of the Senate and the Chief Administrative Officer of the House of Representatives must each, for the part of the Capitol under their jurisdiction - solicit and stipulate contracts to provide catering services and vending machines in Capitol Buildings with people accepting digital assets as payment for goods; and encourage gift shops on Capitol Buildings to accept digital assets as payment for goods.

"My bill would allow Congress to be at the forefront of this by making Congressional coffee shops, vending machines and gift shops accept crypto payments," Cruz explained.

Cruz has emerged in recent months as a cryptocurrency supporter in the US Senate, speaking positively about the bitcoin mining industry particularly in his home state of Texas.


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