Ethereum outperforms Bank of America and Mastercard by market capitalization

The market cap of ethereum stood at $ 366.13 billion at press time on March 24, by comparison, BoA's market value was $ 347.51 billion, while that of Mastercard was $ 337.12 billions of dollars, according to information acquired by Finbold from It should be noted that only one bank efficiently resisted ethereum's performance as things stand, namely JPMorgan Chase which had a market cap of $ 412.74 billion at the time of publication.

Ethereum is one of the largest cryptocurrencies by market capitalization, second only to bitcoin, which currently has an impressive market value of $ 816.74 billion, recording a steady weekly climb. Recently, ethereum's market capitalization was also measuring significant upward movements, as it stood at $ 331 billion just a week ago, up 10.47%.

It is worth mentioning that Finbold reported in mid-March on the massive $ 20 billion inflow into ethereum's market cap, pointing the DeFi asset's path to recovery after a period of trading in the red. Ethereum has also seen a massive outflow from various crypto exchanges in recent weeks, resulting in the popular cryptocurrency's lowest levels on exchanges since September 2018.

The price of ethereum has successfully managed to cross the $ 3,000 mark, around which it has hovered in recent days. At the time of publication, it was trading at $ 3,046, up 3.11% in 24 hours. Seven days earlier, the token's price was $ 2,767, which means it was up 10.1% over the course of the week, judging by CoinMarketCap stats.

COMMENT: good for capturing small investors destined to sacrifice their hard-earned financial resources. In addition to the very likely chances of having your wallet emptied by hackers, the Ponzi system is just around the corner.


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